How did I get here?


My areas of interest

- Entrepreneurship

- Future tech

- Travel & lifestyle

- Music, culture, the arts

- Freelancing & remote working


I believe in the power of words.

As a freelance copywriter and marketer, I work with brands, teams and individuals to make digital content experiences better. I plan, research and write all sorts of copy—I’m talking landing pages, websites, editorial, advertorial, blog posts, SEO and microcopy, all executed with precision and clarity.

I’ve also organised events, managed complex projects and supported business development teams, and I now mostly work on content marketing and strategy for freelancers, startups, marketing agencies and corporates. I love working with people whose values I share—those who are innovative, open and collaborative.

My strong work ethic and can-do attitude are complemented by a cross-disciplinary approach to work. I’m obsessed with refining processes—you’ll always find me asking ‘why?’ in order to make content smarter and place the user at the centre of everything I write.

I’m a native English speaker, born and raised in Australia. Growing up in such an isolated country cultivated a deep desire in me to experience the world. Having now lived in Germany for 5 years, I’m still learning new things about myself, my adopted country, and the ways my work benefits from this background. I offer the authenticity of natural-sounding English, along with a well-honed cultural intelligence and curiosity about how others communicate.

In my more personal pieces, I explore themes of emerging technologies, future work skills, entrepreneurship, experiential travel, culture and the arts. Read some of my work

My passions include live music, supporting female artists, making podcasts, mastering the German language, and photography.